Air Ducting Advancement

Flexible Fabric Duct

Agriculture equipment is our core business supply farm and greenhouse ventilation and sanitation system
We committed to environmental protection

Distinctive design and structure

Come with

CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
AI Permanent Flame Retardant Technology
CAFL Control Air Flow Lab
BIM Building Information Modeling

Colors can choose:

Specification of fabric duct:

With inner support is our patent technology, made of special flame retardant material, endless gradient, maintains a perfect shape of tube.

Precise air supply system (pig-air) heat exchange+cooling system.

Applicable Field

Applied in poultry farm, industrial, classroom, food processing industrial, medical logistics warehousing, vegetable logistics warehousing, stadium and gymnasium, shopping and entertainment space etc.

Precise Air Supply

  • Able to provide air exchange (Heat/Cold)
  • Save energy/cost by send air where it needs only

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